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i'm a deaf person who is making and selling masks with a clear panel to help those that are struggling due to not being able to lipread. you can purchase them from here!

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Help me out, doing someone research :

What kind of health insurance does your (Indian) employer provide?

Specifically looking for the "Sum Insured" value.

RT for good Karma.

Thanks to @jishnu7 and @indicproject for Indic Keyboard. 😀

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Random techie in a chatroom comes to DM

RT: Assumes I know (knows I am Indian), starts in
Me: Replies in
RT: Assumes I don't know Hindi, switches to .
Me: Replies in Hindi
RT: Jumps back to Hinglish
Me: Replies in

Monday was fun. 😂

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Give me a break!

My partner, a Wipro employee was laid off during the pandemic.

I know of more than a couple of folks who have been laid off from Wipro since March 2020.

Hey @HDFC_Bank / @HDFCBank_Cares,

Your related email system sucks, from a security perspective. I reset my password and you sent me the new password in plaintext, in 2020!!

Also, the link in the email to "display" images is "http://cp_hosted_cp". 🤷

If you are good in C++, here is an interesting feature for you to work on: Bring in support for complex script rendering in @KodiTV. and for a little bit of context.

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I so want to use @KodiTV , but the inability to render Indian language fonts properly i…

Hey Twitter,

How do you dispose your tech junk from the past decade(s)? I am talking about casettes, CD/DVDs, old printers/scanners, keyboards, mice, UPSs, adapters of various crap etc.

Someone put this on a T-shirt. :D
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@ThomanInc Apple is an adapter company.

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Wow. Malayalee meme version of Awesome.
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Some commonly used HTTP Status codes

1. 503 Service Unavailable

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PSA: You have a zoom meeting to attend, yet do *not* want to install it?

Take the zoom meeting link ‘’ and replace that ‘/j/’ with ‘/wc/join/’ and join via browser. Both Firefox and Chromium works.

This. 100% this.
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@mriduljacob ആ തെറിവാക്കിലെ അവസാനഭാഗം ചേർത്ത് തന്നെയല്ലേ ഇങ്ങനെ "ളി"യിൽ തീരുന്ന എല്ലാ വാക്കും ഉണ്ടാക്കിയത്? അങ്ങനെയുള്ള എല്ലാ പേരുവിളിയും അങ്ങേയറ്റം അധിക്ഷേപം ആയാണു തോന്നാറു.

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Free software news from India: Swathanthra Malayalam Computing (SMC) is a free software collective that is enabling the use of Malayalam script in computers and mobile devices. And SMC wants the community of speakers involved in the solution:

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First video from 'Humans of SMC' is out.

Hrishikesh KB (@_stultus ) discussing Indic language computing with Santhosh Thottingal ( @santhoshtr ).
Watch now:

Thank you @TinkerHub for hosting.

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Balasankar C (@balasankarc ) is going live today (09/05/2020) at 20.00 on Tinkerhub's Instagram channel as part of 'Humans of SMC' talk series.

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