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The border is my personal bubble. Padding is how much space I need inside my bubble, margin is how much I need everyone to back TF up off me 🤷🏾‍♀️ twitter.com/ThugDebugger/statu

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in other, non political but still enraging news:

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Vignyan Mahotsav, our Science Fair is happening on 5th March.
We are Rs.10K short of our target. Help us reach our goal.



At @gitlab@twitter.com we value everyone's contribution - which is why we're giving away some great prizes for taking our 2020 Survey!

Complete the survey and enter to win our sweepstakes! bit.ly/37OQQ1c

സദാചാരതെണ്ടികള് തല്ലിക്കൊന്നു. ക്ലോസപ്പിൽ ഫെബ്രുവരി 14 എന്ന ഡേറ്റിൽ എൻഡ് ക്രെഡിറ്റ്സ്.
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What would have been their relationship after the climax ? #96


Nope. Didn't work.
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Now that we’ve shared our salary, it’s time to share our passwords! Don’t worry—Twitter will detect your password and show it as stars. I’ll go first:

🔑 **************************

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A good Hacker News comment on tech interviews.

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This utter crap is being distributed through schools from the 'local authority' so presume @WalsallCouncil@twitter.com today. The level of disinformation is staggering. I'd be proud to find my kids learning to use any of these. Except Discord but that's nothing to do with hacking.

Yo @MigaduMail@twitter.com , something off with your auth module? I am getting errors trying to sign in, starting 10 minutes ago.

Missed him in Delhi, found him at Brussels. @kdedude@twitter.com is awesome.

folks, please.
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New release just thrown over the hedge, time for distro's to test again. New language available (Uzbek and Urdu really need some help, though).

Malayalam translation has come a long way from "Malayalam is fine" => "മലയാളം പിഴയാണ്". 😂

"That's all nice and good, but where's the FOSS alternative?", you ask? @santhoshtr@twitter.com and friends are building something cool at opusmt.wmflabs.org/ (beta/experimental).

Following college students on Twitter is both amazing (I get to learn a lot of things. I learned about the existence of kaggle from such a discussion) and sad (I miss a lot of things and am constantly reminded of them. People planning to attend meetups and tech events for eg).

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👋hey twitter friends, last week my apt was broken into and most of my things were stolen, including my laptop with the stickers I've curated over the past five years😢

here's a picture of me and my laptop from last year - please help me collect these stickers again?

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Are there any Open Source projects who are looking to add types to their JavaScript codebase and willing to accept contributions? (TypeScript or Flow)

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"The first thing I would like the House to bear in mind is this. The Governor under the Constitution has no functions which he can discharge by himself: no functions at all…. Even under this article, the Governor is bound to accept the advice of the Ministry" - Dr. B.R Ambedkar

I consider touch typing to be one of the most useful skills I picked up during college days. 😀

I consider touch typing to be one of the most useful skills I picked up during college days. 😀

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