Calling all remote workers! @gitlab and I want to know what you have experienced this year. Would you take this quick and easy survey to help me out?

This. 100% this.
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You can be successful in IT without a CS degree, you can use a mouse when coding, you can call yourself an OSS contributor if you PR docs. Don’t let the tech bros stop you. Join communities that value diversity, and you’ll see that there are still good people in tech.

ഞാനീ വീട്ടിൽ കഴിയണത് റോസിയ്ക്ക് ഇഷ്ടമല്ലെങ്കിൽ റോസി എങ്ങോട്ടെങ്കിലും ഇറങ്ങി പൊയ്ക്കോളൂ...
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'Go to Pakistan' American bhakt version.

Hell yeah. It was a typo, you fixed it. You contributed. Period.

Don't let anyone convince you that's not the case.
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Let’s say you fixed a typo in the README files of a project

Would you call yourself an “open-source contributor?”

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I just published a VS @code extension to support Opentype feature files syntax highlighting and code snippets.

I hope this will be useful for font developers using VS Code for opentype programming and automation.

Ah! Asshole.
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Well, gave us civilisation, technology, the state, rule of law, industrialisation, democracy, rights, emancipation of women & everything we take for granted. If you want to “smash” patriarchy, then you’re just a sociologically illiterate moron trying to sound cool

If you enjoy reading your native language in your computer, mobile and basically anywhere worth reading, without any issues, it's mostly because of Behdad.

Listen to him. Make sure he is heard. Please to do everything you can about it.
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If you read one thing from me, please be this

Hey @Anydo / @Anydo_Support

Are there plans to add auto-completion from history to's smart grocery list? As in, when I start typing the name of an item I had added in the past, that item should be shortlisted for me to select quickly.

Industry best practices.
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What corporate word or phrase do you hate the most?

Mine is bandwidth.

Everything I saw so far is about creating a new entry in destination calendar when an event is added to the source calendar. I don't want that. I only want information of events that I have specifically said I am attending to be synced over.

Hey Twitter/Mastodon,

Anyone know any Zapier or IFTTT integration that lets the following automation?

I get invited to quite a number of events. **When I mark any of the event as attending**, I want a "Busy" entry to be created in another calendar.

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i'm a deaf person who is making and selling masks with a clear panel to help those that are struggling due to not being able to lipread. you can purchase them from here!

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Help me out, doing someone research :

What kind of health insurance does your (Indian) employer provide?

Specifically looking for the "Sum Insured" value.

RT for good Karma.

Thanks to @jishnu7 and @indicproject for Indic Keyboard. 😀

Random techie in a chatroom comes to DM

RT: Assumes I know (knows I am Indian), starts in
Me: Replies in
RT: Assumes I don't know Hindi, switches to .
Me: Replies in Hindi
RT: Jumps back to Hinglish
Me: Replies in

Monday was fun. 😂

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Give me a break!

My partner, a Wipro employee was laid off during the pandemic.

I know of more than a couple of folks who have been laid off from Wipro since March 2020.

Hey @HDFC_Bank / @HDFCBank_Cares,

Your related email system sucks, from a security perspective. I reset my password and you sent me the new password in plaintext, in 2020!!

Also, the link in the email to "display" images is "http://cp_hosted_cp". 🤷

If you are good in C++, here is an interesting feature for you to work on: Bring in support for complex script rendering in @KodiTV. and for a little bit of context.

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I so want to use @KodiTV , but the inability to render Indian language fonts properly i…

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