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i'm a deaf person who is making and selling masks with a clear panel to help those that are struggling due to not being able to lipread. you can purchase them from here!

Hey @HDFC_Bank / @HDFCBank_Cares,

Your related email system sucks, from a security perspective. I reset my password and you sent me the new password in plaintext, in 2020!!

Also, the link in the email to "display" images is "http://cp_hosted_cp". 🤷

If you are good in C++, here is an interesting feature for you to work on: Bring in support for complex script rendering in @KodiTV.

github.com/xbmc/xbmc/issues/15 and forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?t for a little bit of context.

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I so want to use @KodiTV , but the inability to render Indian language fonts properly i…

Wow. Malayalee meme version of http.cat. Awesome.
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Some commonly used HTTP Status codes

1. 503 Service Unavailable

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Balasankar C (@balasankarc ) is going live today (09/05/2020) at 20.00 on Tinkerhub's Instagram channel as part of 'Humans of SMC' talk series.

Buying a widescreen monitor was one of the best ideas I had last year. :D

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I made a fancy @gitlab@twitter.com dashboard in an effort to boost my @GraphQL@twitter.com, @vuejs@twitter.com, and @Raspberry_Pi@twitter.com skills.

Just needs some cable management and a way to disguise that it's sticking half a foot off the wall and I'll be happy 😅

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Read how @balasankarc@twitter.com conducted his wedding engagement through video conferencing. The bride was in Malappuram and he was at Kalady (EKM). Almost 100 families took part in this 'virtual' function. He plans to donate the reserved amount to CMDRF. Kudos.

Localization fail at Google Photos. "Left" (meaning "remaining") got translated as "ഇടത്" (as in "left and right"). In addition, they even translated the numbers. 😂


What the fuck?
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Visuals from

Men, women , children come out on streets of Jaipur to support unsung heroes of our society

In the backdrop of iconic hawa mahal chant slogans


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How design tells the story. Brilliant work by @standardregular@twitter.com for @nytimes@twitter.com.

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.@CMOKerala@twitter.com: In this situation with more people on quarantine, we will see a spike in internet usage and more people will come online. Measures have been taken to fix issues in bandwidth and connectivity. Man!!! If it is true, their planning is next level.

ഗോമൂത്രം-കൊറോണ ലെവൽ ഐറ്റംസ് എല്ലാ നാട്ടിലുമുണ്ടല്ലേ..
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CAPITOL HILL: @LindseyGrahamSC says @realDonaldTrump "probably knows more about medicine and specifically viruses than any of the so-called scientists at the NIH and CDC. If anyone is going to eradicate this plague it'll be the president."

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Procrustes Analysis Based Handwriting Recognition - thottingal.in/blog/2020/02/29/

New blog post on experiment for Malayalam handwriting recongition .Also how it can be used for other scripts.

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in other, non political but still enraging news:

സദാചാരതെണ്ടികള് തല്ലിക്കൊന്നു. ക്ലോസപ്പിൽ ഫെബ്രുവരി 14 എന്ന ഡേറ്റിൽ എൻഡ് ക്രെഡിറ്റ്സ്.
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What would have been their relationship after the climax ? #96

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A good Hacker News comment on tech interviews.

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This utter crap is being distributed through schools from the 'local authority' so presume @WalsallCouncil@twitter.com today. The level of disinformation is staggering. I'd be proud to find my kids learning to use any of these. Except Discord but that's nothing to do with hacking.

Missed him in Delhi, found him at Brussels. @kdedude@twitter.com is awesome.

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